an angry child

I have a very competitive 3-year old boy that likes to play board games. In games of skill, I purposefully lose to him, but when the game is up to chance, I get a little worried that somebody (not me) is going to lose.

This Christmas I got Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch, and if you’ve never played the game before, I suggest you try it at least once. It’s like a frustratingly hard board game where you can cheat to win…

And speaking of frustrating, one of the more difficult game modes I found was ‘Partner Party’.

In Partner Party, you team up with another player (or the CPU if nobody wants to play with you :|) to get the stars on the map, but unlike other game modes, you can move anywhere on the map.

It gets better, because in…

Matthew Tichenor

Data Scientist, Video Game Player

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